Let this be the Seed for the Blossom on the Tree

'A life in Words and Music' 

Karl's music is eclectic, smoothly blending elements of Blues, Country and World music. He combines organic rhythms with the lyrical sensibility of a poet. A spiritual understanding permeates Karl's work, which in turn can be enchanting, magical and haunting.

 Karl was born into a musical and poetic background. His Grandfather, Karel, was a violinist in Prague, whilst his mother, Mary, was a keen lover of poetry and verse. Taking the guitar seriously from the age of ten, inspired by Dylan, Richie Havens and Ravi Shankar. Later the writings of Kahil Gibran and Jalaludin Rumi. These sowed the seeds of a reflective foundation, a common thread within his music and poetry. Performing for the last thirty years at venues and festivals throughout the UK and Europe, recording studio albums Running Water, Strong Foundation, and a live album, Open Road and most recently Seeds of our Dreams 

Karl regularly performs with Sean South, a long time friend and musical companion producing and playing on Karl's studio albums. Sean has very diverse musical influences which are apparent within his arrangements and production. He has a strong passion for Jazz and improvisation and a love of orchestration. Sean contributes texture, instrumentation and vocal harmonies to the canvas of Karl's compositions. He is also involved in numerous and diverse musical projects in performance and composition.

 Karl also has a busy teaching practice, combining improvisation, theory and song craft. information can be found here.


Traditional Music Maker Review

"A singer-songwriter with acoustic groove, or he can hold back & take you to the river. An album with spiritually embracing references, a fine guitar player."


Sacred Hoop Review

"Great sounding acoustic guitar and arrangements. Sometimes I hear Dylan, Leonard Cohen - The songs are good, some very good. A really nice production. Support your songwriters, buy this album."


Get Rhythm Review

"Laid back, Dylanesque, immensely enjoyable."


Fizz Gig Magazine

'Like flowing waters, melodic music that runs deep, with natural themes at its heart, a melding of east and west.'


King Rollo

" Karl, your songs make the world a better place."