let Us Fall into the place where everything is music

~ Rumi 

Guitar Demonstration

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To Contact Karl:
Tele: St Austell (01726) 61733
Mob: 07964318057
Email: k.svarcpoet@gmail.com


The legend that is Karl Svarc... Karl was my first ever guitar teacher in the early 90's and I'm proud to say he's still a friend and mentor to this day.

Bruce Tality

Karl has been teaching my son guitar and ukulele for the past three years. Jack absolutely loves his lessons with Karl and he make them fun every week. He has learned so much about music, playing with different style and even recorded some of his own. Karl is an extremely experienced, patient and most importantly kind teacher and we have become firm friends with him. 

If you ask Jack, he will say 'Karl is the best teacher in the world,' and I agree with him!

Linda Richardson

Six years on and Karl still inspires my son's individual creativity, helping him to fell extra special. With his gentle, calm approach to teaching whether you are 6 or 60 year old you can feel as if every lesson brings new learning experiences. His love for music and unusual string instruments provides his students with the unique opportunities to try out new and varied techniques and musical styles. Thank you for being the best  guitar teacher ever and inspiring Alex to want to be as creative as you.

Gail Balfe

'With a friendly and relaxed style, Karl has helped me to get my head around music theory. Something I'd avoided for a long time. I wish I'd found him years ago!

   His gentle philosophy permeates his life and his music.'   

Neil Russel

'A legendary teacher. He's a funny, adorable, well known character, though sometimes forgetful as I found out in a recent lesson.........

One lesson we were playing 'I won't give up,' when we finished he asked, 'What would you like to play next?' I said 'I won't give up.'  He said 'Oh, we haven't played that in a while.' 'We've just played it' I said.

'Oh Tom, how do you put up with me? 'You're my guitar teacher, I have to put up with you.' I said.'  

Tom Kirby 

'If I was a guitar teacher like Karl, I would definitely take after him because he is so good at guitar. He is funny and likes to tell great jokes, he's kind to us because he gives up his own time just to teach us kids, (and adults too). He gives us a good price to pay for one good lesson. Therefore I love the lessons he does and I like him too.'  

Lucy Kirby

'Karl is a passionate, brilliant musician who brings out the individuality in everyone. He has a calm demeanour with a relaxed approach to teaching which encourages improvisation and makes you find your own style.

 Karl has so much experience and knowledge of music, which he brings to every lesson which in turn heightens your creativity and experiences. His love for music and everything 'string' gives you extra opportunities and this coupled with the ability to record your own songs would suit anyone from 5 to 105. Thank you so much for teaching me over the years and I have to say my loss is definitely going to be someone else's gain.'              

Rachael Chappill